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Auckland has a wide variety of attractions, activities and things to do for all ages and most interests. The natural Hauraki Gulf environment provides a beautiful backdrop with many beaches, islands, garden and bush walks. Then there’s the man made attractions and culture including museums, art galleries, and tourist activities. The main attractions fit into the following categories:

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1) Sightseeing. This includes the best locations to view the city and environs to get your bearings. what things to do in Auckland activities
2) Auckland thrillseeking activities This includes activities for the the more adventurous, and may not suit the very young or more senior citizens.
3) Auckland Family Activities This category includes activities that most family members can enjoy.
4) Beaches. Auckland is blessed with a wide range of beaches. There’s a beach to suit most activities, ranging from just dozing or reading a book with your favorite drink and food nearby, to surfing, kite surfing, to any water born thing to do that you can think of.
5) Museums. Auckland has a good selection of museums to chose from.
6) Art galleries. There’s a range of art galleries to choose from including the historical type collections through to the avaunt garde exhibitions.
7) Best Parks. Auckland offers a range of parks that include sports fields, and spaces where you can have a picnic with your loved ones, or walk or have a casual game with friends.
8) Golf Courses  There’s a golf course in Auckland to suit all types of players. You could spend many days testing your skill at them all.
9) Mini golf courses.These are spread around the region making them available within a reasonable distance from most areas.
10) Wineries Breweries. This can be a pleasant way to spend some time, and can be incorporated into a dining experience or part of an evening out.
11) Markets. There’s plenty of opportunities to find a bargain or souvenir, or get fresh produce to create a gourmet feast for you and your loved ones.
12) Shopping areas. If you want some retail therapy, Auckland has destinations to satisfy the most discerning shoppers.
13) Gardens. With Auckland’s sub-tropical climate and regular rain there’s a wide range of plants that thrive here. There’s also a large number of enthusiasts who create a stunning diversity of styles and plant specialisations in both private and public gardens.
14) Boat trips. If you want to feel a breeze or a bit of sea spray in your face, then your in the right city. There’s a number of offshore islands that are publicly owned so are open for visitors to experience the stunning views and fascinating native wildlife that can be seen, which is option of what things to do in Auckland activities.
15) Fishing. With the Hauraki Gulf on our doorstep, you can fish for your dinner or go for a trophy fish of a life time with what things to do in Auckland activities.
16) Scuba diving.  Head for the outer Hauraki Gulf Islands for the best visibility. You can take underwater photos of New Zealand’s unique underwater lifeforms, or catch a crayfish, scallops or fish to grace your dinner table with what things to do in Auckland activities.
17) Surfing. Go west is generally best if you can handle getting a real pounding by the fresh breaks that heave onto the west coast beaches and points. If the swells are coming from the east though, you can have some of the best surfing you could wish for on the east coast beaches and point breaks.
18) Historic places.
If your interested in history, then there’s plenty of locations to find out about the countries past.
19) Historic churches.
There’s some special churches around Auckland both for their history, their architecture, and for that spiritual experience that some people can appreciate.
20 ) Swimming pools – spas.
 Want to go on a hydro-slide or have a relaxing soak in a hot pool, or even a relaxing therapeutic massage then there’s some thing for you here in what things to do in Auckland activities.
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