Surfing Auckland

The main Surfing Auckland areas near Auckland are-

Mungawhai –
North of Auckland on the East coast 1.5 hours drive from downtown. There’s a beach break in front of the surf life saving club, as well as a break on the right of the estuary on the sand bar, with at least six other worthwhile beach breaks within 30 minutes drive up and down the east coast.

surfing auckland
Piha beach –
On the West coast, is about 45 minutes drive from the central business district. Piha has reliable beach breaks. South Piha is the most popular spot, so it’s usually crowded on summer weekend afternoons. Most surfers go to the left side of the beach, where you can often get a break peeling along in front on the rocks. There’s often a strong current running sideways along the beach, especially near Lion Rock, on the right side of the beach, that can drag unwary people towards the jagged rocks. But there’s usually plenty of space north of Lion Rock, where the beach is longer on less crowded. But the surf lifesaving patrol don’t watch this area as closely as South Piha, so there’s a greater danger of drowning without being noticed until it’s too late.

Karekare beach –
Is another west coast beach for surfing Auckland. It’s 45 minutes drive from downtown , with a reliable beach break.

Coromandel coast –
On the Eastern side of the peninsular, about 2 hours drive south-east of Ak, has a number of good beach breaks and river bars.

It’s about 2 hours drive south of Ak being nearer to Hamilton on the West Coast.It has a renowned left hand point break. World famous for its 3 points, Manu, Indicators and Whale. Recommended for experienced surfers.

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