I’ve just been to the “From The Summit ” exhibition at the Auckland Museum, which runs until 29th September. On display are Sir Edmund’s diary, ice axe, and a silver locket with a piece of rock from the summit of Everest. Sir Edmund picked a few small pieces of rock from the summit to take back to New Zealand. The piece on display was given to his mother Gertrude Hillary who kept in in the silver locket. Sir Edmund’s diary is from 1953 written using a fountain pen to record the expedition’s progress and make comments on his level of fitness and mentions his climbing companions.

They’ve got a model of Everest with a projection of the climbers progress up to the summit. There’s also a number of images that detail the root taken up the mountain, and the various stages that were involved. There is also a number of photos displayed on the walls with explanations. The Sherpas involved in the expedition carried loads in a basket one of which is on display. As one of the photos on this page shows.

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