New Zealand Real Estate

A guide to New Zealand real estate.

Reasons to buy property in New Zealand.

You may be wanting to migrate and live here,or you may be looking for an investment that will provide capital growth or an income stream or both.
If you want to live here full time, you can purchase real estate ,but you’ll need to apply for permanent residence.
Immigration information.

If you only want to live here some of the time, as many people do. You’re allowed to purchase residential, commercial and industrial real estate as if it’s in an urban area, but it may be subject to certain criteria. Information for Non-residents wanting to buy property .

The time limit for living here without permanent residency may change.
Immigration rules for investors.

If you want a long term investment, there is currently no tax on capital gains on New Zealand Real Estate, as long as you buy with the objective to sell some time in the future and make a profit. And there’s no time limit. If you invest with the intention of keeping the investment long term, capital gains tax should not apply.

But tax is payable on business profits received from property speculation, including the capital gain, since it’s considered to be a normal business income.

You can earn income from purchasing residential real estate, a commercial or industrial building. If you want to buy a farm, you’ll have to show that you can substantially improve the present income from it and that you’ll employ significantly more people, in order to get the Overseas Investment Commission consent you need.

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