Fishing Auckland.

The most popular recreational Auckland fishing is, is sea fishing from a boat on the Hauraki Gulf. Because the prevailing wind is from the west, the east coast is more calm and sheltered.
The West Coast harbours can be fished successfully, but leaving the harbours require crossing treacherous shallow sand bars, often with breaking waves, therefore it’s only for experienced skippers, and passengers who are not prone to sea sickness. Generally the larger the boat the safer it is to handle larger waves.

The most commonly caught fish when fishing in Auckland are:
Snapper, Yellowtail Kingfish, Kawhai, Trevally, with the occasional John Dory, Gurnard and Bluecod.

The common methods used for fishing Auckland include:


– Dead or live fish, or shellfish on a hook. The most productive bait fishing is to anchor and berley, (minced up fish remains, mixed with fish oil ) is released into the water either at the surface in shallow water. Or if you’re in deep water it’s generally considered best to get the berley near the bottom either attached to the anchor warp, or on it’s own line with a weight attached, in a container especially designed for this purpose. Otherwise the current takes the berley a long distance away before it gets down the water column, so the fish would be feeding on it out of range of where your bait is.


– There are specialised lures for each of the following methods of fishing Auckland:

Trolling – the lure is dragged behind a moving boat at a set distance from the boat, the rod is usually left in a rod holder until a fish strikes, then the rod is picked up and the fish struck to set the hook into the fish when fishing Auckland.

Jigging– ( lifting up and down ), from a drifting boat or cast from a boat. The lure is usually dropped to the bottom and the rod lifted up and down or the lure is retrieved up to the surface then dropped back down to the bottom, then back repeatedly. There’s a range of speeds and jerking motions used with this technique. You typically catch Kingfish, Snapper, Kawhai and the occasional John Dory or Trevally when fishing Auckland.

Casting lures – Typically a spinner ( usually a shiny metal or plastic lure )is is cast from the shore and retrieved usually near the surface to reduce snagging the bottom and thereby losing the lure. You’re most likely to catch Kawhai and occasionally a Kingfish this way when fishing Auckland.

Soft Bait – A kind of lure that’s a plastic replica of a fish, shell fish, crab or similar edible marine life, often incorporating a fluid scent to attract fish. This is usually done from a drifting boat and either lifted up and down along the sea bottom as the boat drifts, or cast towards structures such as reefs and retrieved with a jerking motion. If there’s a wind blowing it’s best to use a sea anchor to slow the boats drift speed, or you find it difficult to get the lure to the bottom and keep it near there, as the drifting boat starts to troll it up the water column when fishing Auckland.
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