Here’s some Auckland photos and images.

Auckland Waitemata harbour

Auckland viaduct basin harbour

Auckland Viaduct Harbour photo

Devonport Auckland image

Auckland North Head Devonport

Auckland photos and images

Here’s some Auckland photos, that include some typical images you can see when visiting.
The area is renowned for the natural beauty of the harbour, islands, beaches and bush scenery.
The cities name refers to both a city and region. The region covers from the Bombay Hills in the south, to Wellsford in the north and to the Tasman Ocean in the west, to the pacific Ocean in the east.
The city is in the centre of this region and covers one of the largest areas of any city in the world. More than twice the area of London. The population is a lot less than London though, at 1.3 million people, just under one third of the total population of New Zealand.
Other geographical features, are the 50 or so volcanic cones that are spread around the city’s suburbs.The best known volcanoes are Mt Albert, Mt Victoria, Mt Wellington and the most well known is One Tree Hill. These Volcanic cones provide the best places to view the city, since they rise well above undulating landscape below.
The North Shore, has some of the best beaches and is also one of the more desired places to live.
West Ak is between the city the wild west coast beaches, with some suburbs located in the bush clad Waitakere Ranges.
South Auckland contains industrial areas, the airport and sprawling suburbs including Manukau City where many immigrants live.
East Auckland has some of the most expensive real estate, with some popular beaches.

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