Auckland Weather Forecast

It’s important to check the Auckland Weather Forecast before venturing out, because the conditions can vary and change quite dramatically, due to the geography and topography of the country.

Auckland topography and how it affects our weather

Auckland has the Hauraki Gulf, that is sheltered by land. The land masses warm up during the day and often cause an increase the wind speed in the afternoon, as the warm air moves into the lower density, cold air mass in the Gulf. So many people who want calm winds, will do their activities in the morning, when there’s indications that the wind will increase in the afternoon.

New Zealand topography and how it affects our weather

We have two main islands with a sea channel called the Cook Strait between them. The Cook Strait tends to funnel the wind that thenaffects the wind and weather flow. Some say that Wellington is the “windy city”, due to this wind funnel effect.
There are many mountain ranges that influence the air currents, and rainfall.
The predominant wind and weather patterns move from west to east, ( From Australia to N.Z ).
The North and South Islands are long and thin, so they traverse a large latitude range, through the worlds temperate zone. Making the northern districts noticeably warmer ( sub-tropical), particularly in the winter, where it doesn’t snow near sea level, and frosts are uncommon in most places.
While in the southern districts it regularly snows and frosts in winter. ( Making it good for skiing in the south in winter, the best skiing is generally in July to August ).
The mountain ranges, that span a large portion of centre of the South Island, also create a rain shadow.
The West Coast receives substantially more rain, than the east coast. Due to the air traveling across the Tasman Ocean, accumulating moisture, then colliding with the Southern Alps, where the air is compressed against cold mountains, causing the moisture to precipitate as rain on the western side. Leaving drier air passing over the eastern side, making it more prone to summer droughts on the Canterbury side.
The same occurs on the North Island , but to a lesser extent since the mountains are more widely spaced.
So if you want to select the most suitable clothing for your outdoor experiences, and avoid being caught unprepared, it’s important to check the weather forecast, before venturing out.
So I’ve included the links below to help you with factors relating to the Auckland weather forecast.

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