Auckland Climate

The Graphs below indicate what sort of weather can you expect, with the Auckland climate at certain times of the year.
This is an indication only as there can be significant fluctuation from one year to the next.
The climate of Auckland is usually warm and moist, almost sub-tropical.

The Auckland climate season months are:
Spring – September to November
Summer – December to February
Autumn – March to May
Winter – June to August

Summers range between warm to hot with high humidity, winters tend to be damp with frequent rain, but with reasonably mild temperatures.
The region has regular rain throughout the year, but mainly in winter. That’s why it’s “so green”, as many visitors comment.
The weather can be change quickly particularly in spring and autumn, with occasional cold fronts and cyclones causing extreme wind and rain, as can occur in most parts of the world. That’s why it’s generally recommended to include a raincoat in your luggage particularly between May to December, when there can be unexpected heavy downpours for short periods. But it can be enough to soak you to the skin if you haven’t got a raincoat.
Auckland climate produces an average yearly rainfall around 1240 mm = 48.82 inches.
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auckland sunhine hours graph
auckland humidity graph

So to summarise what you can expect;

The sunniest months are December and January, which is often difficult for northern hemisphere dwellers to get used to, when their used to having their coldest weather, often including snow.
The warmest months are December and January, with an average daytime temperature of 24 C, 74 F,
and an average night temperature of 16 C, 60 F.
The coldest month is July, with an average temperature in Auckland of 7 C, 44 F at night and 15 C, 58 F, during the Day.
The driest month is February with an average monthly rainfall of 65mm, 2.56 inches.
The wettest month in Auckland is July with an average rainfall of 146mm 5.75 inches, per month.
The lowest average humidity is in the months of January and February.
The highest average humidity is in June and July, at 84%, and lowest in December and January at 70%.

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